Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, Cumbria
Telephone: 01768 777 256 (9am-8pm)
(Please remember this is a working farm, not an office.
Please email if there is no answer)

camping site

in the heart of the english lake district


We open after Winter in march please mail ahead for a specific opening date.

All money is collected in cash on arrival . Cheques are also accepted and 50p coins only are used in the shower . Cars , dogs and under 5's are free .

We will have a quota of bookings and there will also be space for first come first served. If you are wanting to turn up you can send mail to get an idea of how busy we are and at what time will be best to arrive and get space.

We work on trust and do not take money beforehand - therefore please afford us the respect we deserve by cancelling in good time.At least three days prior to the arrival date.

Chapel house farm is a working farm and a home we do not have a designated office for bookings . If we have not answered a call or message please email instead. We can only return so many calls but we endeavour to answer every email within 24 hours . Please state telephone numbers slowly and clearly when using the answer service .

If you have a Tent on the larger side ( above a 6 man) or a Van or Motorhome above 6 metres in length or above you should mail ahead. We reserve the right to turn away large units without a booking .

Likewise if you are a family or a group bringing extra cars you may be charged -please ask.

Seven people meeting and upwards is considered a group. This must be a prearranged booking. Please do not book separately and then congregate you will be asked to leave.

ALL arrivals should be here by 8.30 pm and not before 9.30am with the exception of Friday which will be Those turning up on a whim are advised to come earlier for best results.

Departures by midday except Saturdays which is 10am if it is the week and you want a last walk ask Richard to extend your car parking time - if possible he will.

Saturdays are often very busy so you need to be aware and work with us. If we say no sorry to a booking please do not become combative- we do not turn away business without a reason.

Please note there may be a charge of £5.00 per night for Gazebos and event tents during busy times , peak season and bank holidays.

Smaller fire pits and bbq's are allowed but they must be raised and off the ground. The fire pits should be out between 11-11.30 pm.

Chapel house farm remains unchanged. We are a quiet site with minimal noise from 10.30 pm people come here to unwind and relax. If that sounds unappealing please reconsider your choice.

Richard is generally on site with his pick up on the car park for advice on where to pitch if not follow the sign for enquiries if all else fails then pick your own spot! Cars are allowed on the grass to unpack and then they must immediately be returned to the carpark.

When our overspill is open you must get permission to camp there first-thanks.

When deep cleaning the showers and facilities may be off limits for a while. Please ask if you see cleaning is afoot.

For all other info please read this website which should answer most of your questions.

How to Book Your Pitch

If you'd like to book, just call or email us and we'll reserve your space. Alternatively, you can simply turn up but please DON'T PITCH YOUR TENT UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO US. There are clear signs for enquiries and usually Richard (the Owner) is on the site.
Please ensure you are familiarized with the required reading section before emailing or calling as we are a working farm without an office. We expect that you know the price and all other pertinent information - Then you also know if this is the right site for you - Thanks for your cooperation

(Please see our information for Bank Holiday camping) Tel: 01768 777 256 Email: