Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, Cumbria
Telephone: 01768 777 256 (9am-8pm)
(Please remember this is a working farm, not an office.
Please email if there is no answer)

camping site

in the heart of the english lake district

Bank Holidays

We experience exceptionally high demand during Bank Holidays, so if you are planning to camp during a bank holiday, please read the following information:

As you might expect, Bank Holidays can be very busy at our camp site, so there are a few things you should know if you are planning to camp at a bank holiday time.

Although we usually have ample camping space, our main restriction during these bank holidays is due to a lack of car parking space. Therefore if you are camping, but not bringing a car, then we will usually be able to accomodate you even in these peak times. Similarly, if you are just bringing a motorbike or a camper van, then there will usually be enough space for you to camp.

Easter Weekend and "May Day" Bank Holiday
The first two bank holidays differ from the others as there is only the main field open due to lambing, so space is limited.
We will take a limited number of bookings for those arriving on Friday, but those wishing to arrive on Saturday may have to 'take their chances' as we may be full.

Spring and Late Summer Bank Holidays
During the Spring and August bank holidays, depending on demand and the weather, we are able to open up an adjacent field that is just a short walk from the main facilities. If demand is very high, we open up a third field. As well as this extra space, we provide additional toilet facilities at this peak time.

If you really want to camp on the main site (and not in the extra field) then this is on a 'first-come, first served' basis, so it's advisable to arrive early! (Unfortunately specific "spaces" at our site cannot be reserved)

The extra space means that we are usually still welcoming people right through to Saturday afternoon. Though please be aware as only a handful of bookings are taken (group bookings) this is on a 'first-come first-served' basis.

Once again we reiterate that groups of 7 or more should contact us in advance to say they are intending to come.

Any overly rowdy, rude or aggressive campers will not be tolerated and we still expect that by 10.30 at night the site is quiet as at other times of year on the main site or overspill.

As with other peak times and especially if you have far to travel, we recommend that you book ahead (at least 6 weeks ahead for Friday arrivals). If you book but need to cancel, that's no problem but we really appreciate a call or email to let us know you can't come!

We only start to get full-up on Saturday evening, but if by chance you do arrive and we cannot accommodate you, there are a couple of sites close by so you will not be stranded!

Leaving Times at Bank Holidays
We are usually flexible with leaving times and even on bank holiday we do not impose a minimum night stay. However, we ask anyone staying just the Friday night (ie leaving on Saturday ) that they leave by 10am.

If you have any questions about camping on Bank Holidays, please email us at or use the quick email form.

Peak Demand

Bank Holidays are times of peak demand for us. Of particular concern is car parking space.

Below you can see our overspill field. This is only available for bank holidays late May and late August bank holidays, when lambing season is over.


We usually provide additional toilet facilities in periods of high demand.

How to Book Your Pitch

If you'd like to book, just call or email us and we'll reserve your space. Alternatively, you can simply turn up but please DON'T PITCH YOUR TENT UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO US. There are clear signs for enquiries and usually Richard (the Owner) is on the site.
Please ensure you are familiarized with the required reading section before emailing or calling as we are a working farm without an office. We expect that you know the price and all other pertinent information - Then you also know if this is the right site for you - Thanks for your cooperation

(Please see our information for Bank Holiday camping) Tel: 01768 777 256 Email: